WP Warehousing

WP Warehousing Inc., of St. Catharines, has 22 employees in 270,000 square feet of warehouse-type space on 50 acres. They are unique in the area for having a railway siding (Trillium Railway) where boxcars can be loaded with heavy, dense items such as pulp and paper. Their lines of business include:

  • Cross-decking of freight for a diversity of logistics and supply chains such as distribution of paper products, bottles for wineries and products for LCBO
  • Co-packing and breakdown packing such as Italian food products that come in 25 kg containers and must be spigoted and mixed with other products (in a clean room they are presently constructing) into smaller containers like 1 and 5 kg for resale). This is an example of minor value-addition for third-party owned products.
  • E-commerce fulfillment
  • A customs bonded warehouse facility, which three clients are already using. This was facilitated by already undergoing LCBO’s controlled substances protocols.
  • Storage of inventory for wineries constrained by the Greenbelt rules, retailers and venues

The possibility of making WP Warehousing a type of innovation centre where new entrepreneurs could simply plug into logistics, co-packing and e-commerce functions with their new products has been mooted.

WP is constantly engaged in demand-driven innovation, at the behest of their clients. They are now hosting learning forums with clients that have synergistic needs, reducing any reluctance to talk to government, while creating a community of practice.