Why Niagara?

Your launch site for international trade

Location – Get Ready to Fall in Love


Less than one hour drive to some of North America’s largest markets, including Toronto, Buffalo and Western New York


Collective GDP (within a 500 mile radius) is about $5.7 trillion with a population of more than 130 million people


Five border crossings into the United States makes Niagara the perfect jumping-off point for international business growth

Transportation – Niagara is Connected

Niagara has a well-integrated transportation infrastructure that enables easy movement of products and people. Key features include:

  • Four 400-series freeways
  • Three Class-I railways
  • Four international airports within a one hour drive
  • St. Lawrence Seaway system
  • Welland Canal

Niagara Ranks Ninth Overall

According to KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2016, Niagara is among the most cost effective regions in North America for operational costs.
Compared to 115 major centres in North America, KPMG ranks Niagara ninth overall and:

For Manufacturing

For Corporate Headquarters

For Research and Development

For Digital Services

Niagara is an Economic Trade Corridor

Niagara is one of the most important trade corridors in North America with a diverse industrial base that includes advanced manufacturers, agri-food producers, bio/life sciences, digital media and more.


Annually, over $100 billion in trade flows across our borders between the United States and Canada and supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in both countries


78% of total freight tonnage on the St. Lawrence Seaway passes through Niagara via the Welland Canal to destination in the United States, Canada and beyond


13.6% of all goods traded between the United States and Canada pass through Niagara’s borders with over 1 million trucks and 100,000 train containers

Skilled and Educated Workforce

Niagara can meet the need for almost any type of skilled labour. The region’s diversified manufacturing base has nurtured a strong technical workforce, and is well known for its skilled, abundant labour with competitive wages.

With a labour force of 240,000 and a university/college educational attainment rate of 59%, Niagara is a magnet for talent, creativity, research and innovation and opportunities match skills.

Niagara Region is Committed to Economic Prosperity

Regional Council established strategic priorities for 2015-2018 to enable a more prosperous Niagara. Our governmental partners, business owners and associations, post-secondary institutions and local agencies have a role to play in building a Niagara that creates attractive places for business and investment and helps our residents thrive through greater opportunities.

Success Stories

Many Niagara firms serve as good examples of the possibilities available to globally-minded businesses in, or relocating to, the region.
Learn from these companies about how your firm could build success in the Niagara FTZ.

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