Trenergy Inc.

Trenergy Inc. of St. Catharines has operated for many decades. With 160 employees, the current ownership has been in place for about 10 years.

Trenergy makes engineered products, including boilers and pressure vessels, for the energy, pulp and paper, and other heavy industries. It has recently diversified it’s product range to include heavy tank rail cars in partnership with National Steel Car of Hamilton.

Trenergy currently takes advantage of FTZ programming. Supplies for Trenergy’s engineered products come in across the border, are added to the product to increase value, then are often exported back.

Products in various stages of completion are also often shifted between facilities in Canada. For example, National Steel Car will bring prefab components to Trenergy, then receive semi-completed products for finishing in Hamilton.

Reduced border concerns will facilitate the exploration of integrative trade opportunities in this case as well.

Trenergy’s completed boilers and pressure vessels are often shipped via Wharf 2 on the Welland Canal as over-dimensional cargo. Alternatively, they may go out by rail car or flatbed truck. Having now acquired a shipyard facility at Port Weller, Trenergy is entertaining requests from its customer base to assemble larger assemblies there for shipment by barge upon completion.

The Port Weller facility is also scheduled to start producing wind towers this month thanks to local and international investment to purchase and rejuvenate a previously bankrupt shipyard. This initiative will inevitably take full advantage of all programs and supports available, including FTZ, to be successful.