Fontaine Transport

Fontaine Transport of Port Colborne has numerous customers in the United States and Canada, and ships paint, steel forgings, food products and many other items across the Canada-US border. It also operates a sufferance warehouse for its customers with a moderate level of activity.

If a transport truck driver cannot clear customs at Fort Erie because they arrive after hours or encounter difficulties with documentation, that driver could bring their shipment into this bonded facility, drop the trailer or unload it, and be permitted to go home.

A CBSA officer would subsequently arrive to inspect the cargo and finalize any required documentation. This is a contingency operation as the process of documentation is now sufficiently automated as to require finalization, in most cases, before a transport even approaches the Peace Bridge.

However, any firms that are newly established in Port Colborne from this point could, for example, take advantage of temporary HST relief by leaving it in the Fontaine warehouse.

The deep experience of firm principal Larry Fontaine in the transport industry, which includes FTZ relevant programs, will be an invaluable asset for a Niagara FTZ Point if approved. Mr. Fontaine, who sat on the Port Colborne Economic Development Committee for many years, among other volunteer roles, has expressed a willingness to support a FTZ Point as a volunteer.